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DDC Tech-connection December 2018 - Year-in-Review
DDC... Your Solution Provider for Connectivity, Power, and Control!
December 2018 | Year-in-Review
2018 was another exciting year at DDC, and below is a brief recap of our major achievements, new capabilities and the new products we introduced in 2018.

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Recent Awards
DDC is Recognized for Flawless Manufacturing Execution by Harris Electronic Systems!

Bohemia, New York (December 2018) Data Device Corporation (DDC) receives the 2018 Flawless Execution Award for exceptional quality and delivery performance from Harris Electronic Systems, Melbourne, Florida. DDC was one of only 5 distinguished recipients to be selected for this esteemed award, based upon having achieved and maintained a 100% quality, and a 100% on-time delivery rating throughout the year. 

DDC supported Harris in 2017/2018 with connectivity and motion control electronic solutions for a wide range of aerospace and space applications including the Orion spacecraft, Fibre Channel Network Switch (FCNS), Tactical Airborne Moving Map Capability (Tammac), and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.

“DDC is honored to receive this prestigious award, reflecting our commitment to quality control, continuous process improvement, and unsurpassed customer service,” stated Joe Pipczynski, DDC’s Vice President of Sales & Business Development. 

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Beta / North Hills is Recognized for Performance Excellence by Boeing!

Bohemia, New York (December 2018) Beta / North Hills Signal Processing Corporation announces that it has received the 2016 Performance Excellence Award from The Boeing Company. Beta is proud to be recognized for our commitment to delivering quality products on-time, and “for achieving excellent supplier performance” and maintaining “a silver level of performance” (99.8% or higher quality score & 98% or higher on-time delivery score) throughout the year, as stated upon the award. 

“Beta / North Hills Signal Processing Corporation is honored to receive this prestigious award, and we thank Boeing for valuing Beta’s long-standing commitment to quality, reliability, and superior support,” stated Estro Vitantonio, DDC’s Business Unit Manager for Beta/North Hills transformers and magnetics. “Beta is particularly proud of having successfully supported Boeing’s quick delivery requirements, by designing, prototyping, providing samples, performing qualification, and delivering final products within an accelerated four month timeline.”

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DDC is Again Recognized for Outstanding Quality & Delivery Performance by General Atomics Aeronautical Systems!

Bohemia, New York (July 2018) Data Device Corporation (DDC) receives the 2017 Supplier Excellence Award for exceptional quality and delivery performance from General Atomics Aeronautical Systems, Inc. (GA-ASI). As a multiple time recipient of this award (2010, 2012, 2016, 2017), DDC is proud to be recognized for our long-term commitment to delivering quality products on-time, contributing to the success of our customers and the critical missions they serve.

DDC was selected to receive this prestigious award based upon having achieved and maintained GA-ASI award qualifications of a 100% quality rating and a 100% on-time delivery rating throughout 2017. This exceptional level of quality and performance has been at the core of DDC’s commitment to superior service and total customer satisfaction for more than 50 years.

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2018 Product Announcements
Connectivity Solutions
September, 2018 – DDC’s NAND Flash Chosen for the NASA BioSentinel CubeSat Spacecraft!
DDC is proud to announce that our Rad Hard high density NAND flash memory has been selected to be integrated within the Pearl Single Board Computer (SBC), that is used as the flight computer on NASA’s BioSentinel CubeSat spacecraft. The Pearl SBC, along with DDC’s flash memory, is baselined for use on multiple upcoming missions for both NASA and the DOD.

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August, 2018 – DDC’s Single Board Computer chosen by NRL for DARPA Robotic Mission!
DDC is proud to announce that the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory (NRL), developer of the robotic servicing payload for RSGS, has chosen DDC’s SCS750® Single Board Computer (SBC) for use on the Robotic Servicing of Geosynchronous Satellites (RSGS) program for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). RSGS will provide an on-orbit satellite servicing vehicle that will transform U.S. space operations in Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (GEO).

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August, 2018 – DDDR2 SDRAM Memory for Space... Coming Soon!
  • Up to 8 GByte of SDRAM
  • High Speed SDRAM for the Space Market... up to 400MHz
  • Interfaces with the Latest Space FPGAs and Microprocessors
  • DDC's Optional RAD-PAK® Shielding Dramatically Increases the TID Radiation Tolerance, Providing Radiation Shielding Throughout the Life of the Mission

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May, 2018 – ESA Euclid Program Utilizes DDC’s SCS750 Single Board Computers!
DDC is proud to announce that our SCS750 Single Board Computers for Space will be deployed on the ESA Euclid satellite scheduled for launch in 2021. OHB Italia selected the SCS750 for its high reliability design features, high performance processing capability and TRL-9 space proven experience.

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Power Solutions
July, 2018 – 48VDC/238A, 16-Channel SSPC Power Distribution Unit

DDC introduces its 16-channel, 48VDC, 238A Solid-State Power Controller (SSPC) offering programmability, system health diagnostic and prognostic data, and high power density in a compact and ruggedized military-grade form factor. DDC’s 48VDC SSPC Power Distribution Unit (RP-2016371X) distributes and controls power to up to 16 independent 48 Vdc loads, with 8, 10, and 25 Amp maximum capacities, and provides significant Size, Weight, Power and Cost (SWaP-C) savings.

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Product Page

March, 2018 – COTS 270VDC /150A, 12 Ch Solid-State Power Controller

DDC introduces a new MIL-STD-704F compliant 12-channel, 270VDC, 150A Solid-State Power Controller (SSPC) offering programmability, system health diagnostic and prognostic data, and high power density in a compact and rugged form factor. Available as a standard off-the-shelf product, DDC’s 270VDC SSPC (RP-28001000N0) offers significant time-to-market advantages, while eliminating the costs and risks associated with a custom developed solution.

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January, 2018 – Cost & Space Saving 280W IFEC & PED Aircraft Power Solution!

DDC introduces a new 280W converter to supply 28V power for IFEC electronics and USB charging ports for Portable Electronic Devices (PED), to up to 24 aircraft seats, with a compact, high output, and cost effective solution that delivers the industry's best power efficiency performance.

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Motion Control Solutions
October, 2018 – DDC’s New Resolver-to-Digital Converters Offer 3V or 5V I/O Compatibility!

DDC announces the introduction of its RD-19231 Series of 16-bit Resolver-to-Digital (R/D) Converters, which offer 3.3V or 5V compatibility and are designed for high performance aerospace, industrial, and commercial positioning systems. The RD-19231, contained in a small 64-pin plastic quad flat pack (10 mm x 10 mm), is a drop in replacement to all RD-19230 legacy designs, and replacement requires no modification of the Printed Circuit Board (PCB). 

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May, 2018 – Rad-Hard, Latchup Immune, 16-Bit Analog-to-Digital Converters for Space

DDC introduces the 7809C, a new latch-up immune version and drop-in replacement for the widely deployed 7809A, 16-bit serial output analog-to-digital (A/D) data converter. The 7809C is single event latch-up immune and features improvements in performance, including lower power dissipation, while remaining a highly reliable and cost effective space solution.

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April, 2018 – Compact, High Power Density BLDC Motor Controller... Accelerates Time-to-Market

DDC introduces a high performance DSP based family of programmable, turnkey motor controllers designed to precisely control the position, torque, and speed of 3-phase BLDC motors, with maximum reliability.

The high power density 80V/30A rated MC-5000 series BLDC motor controller operates over an extended -40°C to +105°C temperature range, and is available in configurations to support motors that utilize a Hall sensor for torque and speed control, or absolute PWM and incremental encoder feedback for position control.

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April, 2018 – Save Development Time & Free up I/O Resources with DDC’s Serial Output (SPI) Resolver-to-Digital Converter!

DDC introduces a new compact and reliable Resolver-to-Digital Converter offering a low cost, off-the-shelf solution for today’s rugged, high reliability motion control applications. The RD-19242 converter is an extremely flexible motion control solution, offering user programmable resolution, bandwidth, and tracking rate, enabling it to readily interface with a wide range of Synchro, Resolver, Inductosyn, LVDT, RVDT, MR and Halls Sensor applications.

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Trade Shows & Events
Aerospace India 2019

February 20 - 24, 2019
Bengaluru, India

Booth #: A1.50

DDC will be showcasing our latest connectivity, power, and motion control solutions, and our product line experts and executives will be at the show to support your technical and program development needs.

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2018 Exhibition Gallery
Japan Aerospace, November 28-30, Tokyo Big Sight, Tokyo, Japan
JAXA Microelectronics Workshop, November 8-9, 2018, Japan
AUSA 2018, October 8-10, 2018, Washington, DC, 
APEX 2018, September 24-27, Boston, Massachusetts
RADECS 2018, September 16-21, Gothenburg, Sweden
ASSK 2018, July 5-6, Yeosu City, South Korea
34th Space Symposium 2018, April 16-19, Colorado Springs, Colorado
Aircraft Interiors Expo 2018, April 10-12, Hamburg Messe, Germany
Sea Air Space Exposition 2018, April 9-11, National Harbor, Maryland
Military & Aviation Exhibition 2018, March 13, Airport City, Israel
Workshop in Turkey with Target Group, March, Turkey
Electronic Warfare Conference India (EWCI), February 14-16, India
Data Device Corporation (DDC) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high-reliability Connectivity, Power and Control solutions (Data Networking Components to Processor Based Subsystems, Space Qualified SBCs and Radiation Hardened Components; Power Distribution, Control and Conversion; Motor Control and Motion Feedback) for aerospace, defense, space, and industrial applications. With awards for quality, delivery, and support, DDC has served these industries as a trusted resource for more than 50 years... providing proven solutions that are optimized for efficiency, reliability, and performance. Data Device Corporation brands include DDC, Beta Transformer Technology Corporation, National Hybrid Inc., North Hills Signal Processing Corporation, Pascall Electronics Ltd., and XCEL Power Systems Ltd. DDC is headquartered in Bohemia, NY and has manufacturing operations in New York, California, Mexico, and the United Kingdom.