Data Device Corporation
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Motion Control

DDC is a market leader in high reliability motor control and synchro/resolver positioning solutions for aerospace, military and industrial environments. Our products deliver high accuracy positioning and dependability, while being cost effective solutions, to provide...

  • COTS/MOTS solutions for synchro/resolver feedback, and motor drive and control
  • High accuracy position feedback
  • High-performance controllers and drives for 3-phase brushless DC motors
  • Ability to endure harsh environmental conditions including shock, vibration and extreme temperatures

More Efficiency

  • Portable USB Synchro/Resolver test system simplifies motion control testing
  • Low-cost BLDC motor controllers deliver high performance torque, speed and position control
  • Integrated single-module solutions offer the highest power density available
  • Multi-channel Synchro/Resolver hybrids and cards help reduce overall design cost
  • Synchro/Resolver converters can interface with Synchro, Resolver, LVDT, RVDT, MR, and Hall sensors

More Reliability

  • Field proven Synchro/Resolver converters have years of service history to achieve high Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
  • High MTBF increases system dependability and longevity
  • Rugged Synchro/Resolver hybrids are engineered for dust, fluid, shock, vibration and extreme temperatures
  • Class H and K Rad Tolerant hybrids meet the extreme demands of space applications

More Performance

  • Programmability allows common design to be used across multiple application platforms
  • Synchro/Resolver converters provide high precision accuracy, resolution and repeatability
  • Synchro/Resolver converters provide a Velocity output for speed monitoring and closing speed loops
  • Programmable PCI Express Digital to Synchro/Resolver card offers versatility in motion feedback testing and simulation
  • Complementary drives provide reduced power dissipation, along with a smooth transition through zero torque with no “dead zone” for critical applications
  • Wide selection of accuracy and temperature options tailored to fit a vast range of applications

Complete Custom Solutions/Modified Off-the-Shelf Solutions... partner with DDC at the beginning of your design, we will work together to develop the optimal solution for your application