Data Device Corporation
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Smart Power Management

DDC Solid-State Power Controllers (SSPCs) enable land, sea, air and space vehicle systems to utilize and distribute power more efficiently and reliably, resulting in more power availability with less fuel consumption or heat dissipation. By replacing electromechanical switches, relays and circuit breakers, systems upgraded and/or newly designed with SSPCs enjoy the benefits of

  • Much greater Reliability and load protection
  • More Efficiency through power usage with automated load shedding
  • More Performance through operator control with programmable user interface
  • More Performance through reduced weight, size and power dissipation

More Efficiency

  • Network control... saves operator effort and time with centralized system management
  • Vehicle health and diagnostics monitoring... eliminates need for unnecessary scheduled maintenance and provides fast identification of faults to be addressed
  • Programmable power distribution... saves operator time by allowing power control of multiple loads with a single command
  • Reduced size, weight, and power (SWaP)... saves fuel and extends mission range
    • 7x improvement in power/volume density
    • 5x improvement in power/weight density
    • 70% reduction in dissipated power

More Reliability

  • Over 25x Improvement in MTBF... extends mission readiness, range, and effectiveness
    • No vibration-sensitive contacts or wearing parts to fail
  • Reduced EMI from controlled switching time... promotes safe and reliable operation of other onboard electronics
  • Low risk battle proven technology... High TRL solutions controlling more than 500,000 deployed nodes since 1988
  • Instant trip, and true I2T wire protection... safeguards mission critical electronics

More Performance

  • Programmable power distribution... reduces logistics costs through flexible software configuration of channels
    • Easily reconfigure trip levels and power up defaults to respond to ever changing mission parameters
    • Channel paralleling to support high current loads
  • Faster response... at least 40 times faster fault clearance time (less than 1ms) allows operator to quickly bring vehicle electronics back on line to continue mission
  • Vehicle health and diagnostics monitoring... quickly identifies potential faults to maintain peak vehicle operation
  • Flexible architecture reduces total ownership cost through adaptability to new mission requirements
  • Optimized custom solutions engineered for maximum performance to serve specific application needs

Complete Custom Solutions/Modified Off-the-Shelf Solutions... partner with DDC at the beginning of your design, we will work together to develop the optimal solution for your application